Hi, I’m Gerry The Ferryman.

My story started out as a Rock Ferryman born in Birkenhead, a town which gazes across the Mersey at Liverpool and its skyline. My family moved south and I grew up in Essex, then studied at Keele but I have lived since then in France, working as a teacher and teacher trainer in EFL, mainly in Toulouse.

I am the second in a family of six. My parents christened me Gerald, but over the years I have also been known as Ger, Josh and Gerry. When I met my wife Sylvie, who came in 1974 on a ferry from France for a language holiday in Harlow, Essex, where I mostly grew up, she called me Gerry. I have been Gerry since then. Gerry with a G, like Gerry Marsden of Gerry and The Pacemakers. You may know their hit, Ferry Cross The Mersey.

So that’s the backstory to the title. You should also know that I have two nationalities, and spend my time ferrying back and forth between two languages which I sometimes can’t tell apart. This means you will find English and French posts on this blog.

Nice to have you along for the ride, wherever it goes!

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