A voice to be reckoned with

John Trudell John Trudell was an early member of and spokesman for the Native American rights movement and helped to promote a spoken word style that honors Native American oral traditions. POETRY FOUNDATION In a previous post, I mentioned Rébecca Kleinberger‘s work on the different voices we all have. She says that the voice with which we […]

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Bob’s Your Uncle

A whole new cast of characters My big sister Angie gave me Bob Dylan by Anthony Scaduto for Christmas in 1972. This would be the beginning of a long, often obsessive, and sometimes solitary journey into Bob Dylan‘s world. Until then, I had been brought up on a diet of British music consisting of lashings […]

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Taking Brother Bruce Home

Bruce Springsteen has often felt like a member of my family. Born seven years before me, he was the older brother I never had. My encounter with Bruce’s music was simply a consequence of my search for Bob Dylan, the legendary uncle who everyone told stories about, but who very few people seemed to have […]

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