Brass In Pocket

Songsmith Chrissie Hynde and the Ladies’ Tea Party It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was the rumbling rawness of the Punk Years in the UK, starting in 1976 and spilling over into the next decade. The bad could get really bad, with uncaring unmusical bands, violence and self-mutilation. […]

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Learning to play rugby – tackle and scrum

Time for me to finally continue this section on Learner Tales started out with a text in French about reading Jane Eyre at 13. These t wo articles are part of a project about giving visibility to the routes people take in order to learn. We’re all human, but in our own way. It is […]

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Welcome aboard!

Hi, I’m Gerry The Ferryman. My story started out as a Rock Ferryman born in Birkenhead, a town which gazes across the Mersey at Liverpool and its skyline. My family moved south and I grew up in Essex, then studied at Keele but I have lived since then in France, working as a teacher and […]

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Bienvenue à bord!

Je me présente : Gerry The Ferryman. Bienvenue à bord de mon blog! Pourquoi The Ferryman? Je suis né au bord de l’eau, dans un quartier qui s’appelle Rock Ferry à Birkenhead, une ville qui porte son regard vers l’autre rive de la Mersey en direction de la ligne d’horizon des immeubles, des grues et des […]

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Bob’s Your Uncle

A whole new cast of characters My big sister Angie gave me Bob Dylan by Anthony Scaduto for Christmas in 1972. This would be the beginning of a long, often obsessive, and sometimes solitary journey into Bob Dylan‘s world. Until then, I had been brought up on a diet of British music consisting of lashings […]

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Taking Brother Bruce Home

Bruce Springsteen has often felt like a member of my family. Born seven years before me, he was the older brother I never had. My encounter with Bruce’s music was simply a consequence of my search for Bob Dylan, the legendary uncle who everyone told stories about, but who very few people seemed to have […]

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Rock at The Oval 30th September 1972

Having fun between fine leg and silly mid-on Rock at The Oval?! I rejoiced when I discovered that the 1972 Readers’ Poll Winners Concert for my favourite weekly music paper Melody Maker would be rocking The Oval Cricket Ground in South London on September 30th. A motley bunch of us from school all readily agreed […]

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