Learning your own name

I was around the age I am in the photograph illustrating this piece when it slipped out casually in a family conversation that my father had had a elder brother called Gerald and I was named after him. That was just the beginning.

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Reading Jane Eyre at 13

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë is required reading for Mrs Fullerton’s Literature class. We have three weeks. But I have been resisting the prospect of reading real books for a while now. On the Saturday morning of the final weekend of the three-week reading period, push comes to shove.

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Football, acting, tango – learning to think on your feet

Laurent de Chanterac’s journey from football to tango reflects a life of transformation and adaptation, spanning several disciplines and learning methods. His experience, initially effortless in football but demanding in acting, signifies the evolving nature of personal development. His testimony combines physicality with education, emphasizing the importance of learning through encounters and practical engagement rather than conventional schooling. This narrative culminates in his dedication to teaching tango with partner Christine Caminade, encapsulating a philosophy of continuous personal growth and adaptation across varied life experiences.

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Appels du pied et chaussures de tango

Laurent de Chanterac, professeur de tango argentin, raconte son parcours diversifié, depuis son initiation naturelle au football jusqu’à sa carrière à la scène de théâtre, où il développe une passion pour le jeu d’acteur. Son récit met en lumière la manière dont les différentes étapes de sa vie l’ont mené vers l’enseignement du tango, partageant cette discipline avec sa compagne Christine Caminade. Leurs expériences soulignent l’importance de la transmission et de l’apprentissage permanent, révélant un cheminement riche et imprévu vers l’art de la danse.

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From grammar to graphic design

Creators’ paths are rarely simple. Here is the testimony from graphic designer Paula Bearzotti who speaks visuals the way others speak words, and who has accepted to take a new look at the way she learns. You can expect something about design of course, but also grammar, algebra and computers.

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De l’orthographe au graphisme

Les parcours de créateurs sont rarement simples. Voici le témoignage de Paula Bearzotti, une graphiste qui manie le langage visuel au quotidien et qui a accepté de revenir sur quelques moments clés de ses apprentissages.

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Learning to play rugby – tackle and scrum

Time for me to continue this section on Learner Tales started out with a text in French about reading Jane Eyre at 13. The articles in this sectionare part of a project about giving visibility to the routes people take in order to learn. We’re all human, but in our own way. It is this […]

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Lire Jane Eyre à 13 ans

Il faut lire Jane Eyre de Charlotte Brontë pour le cours de littérature de Mrs Fullerton. Nous avons trois semaines. Mais je résiste à la lecture de vrais livres depuis longtemps.

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