Dublin Lad Learns Morse

A Life In Stolen Moments Ken Kenny, our Dad, was many things in his lifetime, and among them was Marine Radio Officer in the Merchant Navy. He qualified and first went to sea in 1950 and sailed for about 10 years, coming ashore for good in his late twenties. He could always be coaxed into […]

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The Dave Simmons Soul Show BBC Radio One 1972-74

Tribute to the Dave Simmons Soul Radio Show broadcast by BBC Radio 1 between 1972 and 1974. This was where I discovered not only soul, blues and R&B but also how musical genres and styles are interconnected. You’ll also find links to uploads of recordings of the show online.

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The Musical Box

Music has been a key to my personal growth since I was a teenager and, although I don’t play an instrument myself, I have been surrounded by musicians and music all my life. This section of the blog shares the contents of the discoveries, experiences and events in my personal musical box. Growing up in […]

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