Music has been a key to my personal growth since I was a teenager and, although I don’t play an instrument myself, I have been surrounded by musicians and music all my life. This section of the blog shares the contents of the discoveries, experiences and events in my personal musical box.

I grew up with UK pop and rock music in the 1960s and 70s via records, radio, live concerts and TV. In 1981 I carried all this to France and mixed it with other musical styles – la chanson française, jazz, classical and world music.

In the early 1990s my musical world was shaken yet again when I discovered traditional tango from Argentina. For the first time in my life I learned to dance and discovered a whole new way of perceiving music. From 2000 on, I began working as a tango DJ, organizing events and seeking out people I admired, even running a webradio for a number of years. Tango continues to be part of my daily musical soundscape.

Brass In Pocket

The real game-changer for The Pretenders would be Brass in Pocket, which came out in November 79. A joint composition by Hynde and guitarist James Honeyman Scott, it was so successful that it actually altered people’s perceptions of the group’s name : they were still Pretenders, but no longer pretending as in unending make believe; […]

Piazzolla et les Saisons de Buenos Aires

Est-ce le printemps ou l’automne? Attention! Changement de saison! Si vous êtes au nord, c’est le printemps qui pointe le bout de son nez. Au sud, c’est l’automne qui s’installe. Profitons de ce moment stratégique pour explorer Cuatro Estaciones Porteñas (Les 4 Saisons de Buenos Aires), la suite de tangos composés par le bandonéoniste argentin, […]

Where are we now?

Songsmith David Bowie Back In Berlin As a rule, Bowie didn’t like to repeat himself; he preferred to reinvent. His many characters – Major Tom, Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane and The Thin White Duke being probably the most famous – all provided voices and styles for reinventing himself as a constantly changing artist. He rarely […]

Brass In Pocket

Songsmith Chrissie Hynde and the Ladies’ Tea Party It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was the rumbling rawness of the Punk Years in the UK, starting in 1976 and spilling over into the next decade. The bad could get really bad, with uncaring unmusical bands, violence and self-mutilation. […]

Christmas in Paradise

Songsmith Mary Gauthier I don’t normally do Christmas songs, having sung one too many carols as a youngster. I see them as decorative and unifying, but in the background. Yet it is Christmas again, and they’re back . You may have a favourite, or not at all. It depends how closely your musical ear is […]

Say No More

Songsmith Steve Marriott I only had one Humble Pie record in my collection. It was the single Black Coffee, which I’d seen them perform on The Old Grey Whistle Test. Took it home, listened to the A-side, loved it. The singer, Steve Marriott, was in great voice. Then I did something which happens so rarely […]

Rock at The Oval 30th September 1972

Having fun between fine leg and silly mid-on Rock at The Oval?! I rejoiced when I discovered that the 1972 Readers’ Poll Winners Concert for my favourite weekly music paper Melody Maker would be rocking The Oval Cricket Ground in South London on September 30th. A motley bunch of us from school all readily agreed […]

OT Fernandez Fierro – Episode 4/4

Fin de la série Voici le dernier épisode dans cette mini-séries sur La Orquesta Tipica Fernandez Fierro. Lors des trois épisodes précédents, que vous pouvez encore lire ici, il était question d’abord de la découverte sur disque de l’orchestre de tango La Fernandez Fierro, né en 2001; ensuite, d’un voyage en Italie pour voir cet […]

The John Martyn Moment

Revelation at Reading Festival 1973 I saw John Martyn play live on Sunday 26th August at Reading 73. It felt rather like the morning after the night before. Except that there had been two nights before. We’d arrived from Harlow and pitched our tent on the Friday afternoon, thrilled and slightly daunted by our first […]

OT Fernandez Fierro – Episode 3/4

Concert irréalisable? Allons-y! Voici le troisième épisode dans cette mini-séries sur la Orquesta Tipica Fernandez Fierro. Lors du deuxième épisode, que vous pouvez encore lire ici, il était question d’un voyage en Italie pour voir cet orchestre de tango la nouvelle génération sur scène. L’expérience du concert était tellement forte qu’il nous fallait absolument faire […]

OT Fernandez Fierro – Episode 2/4

Voici le deuxième épisode dans cette mini-séries sur la Orquesta Tipica Fernandez Fierro. Le premier épisode, que vous trouverez ici, raconte la découverte de l’existence de cet orchestre de tango en 2003 par la sortie de 2 CDs, marqués par un style affirmé et original. Et l’épisode se termine par l’envoi d’un mail de fan […]

OT Fernandez Fierro – Episode 1/4

Combien d’épisodes? Comme vous pouvez le voir par certains de mes posts précédents sur la musique, j’aime partir à la découverte de nouveautés, sentir le potentiel d’artistes qui ne sont pas toujours visibles, pour ensuite explorer et partager leur travail. Les posts sur Bruce Springsteen (en anglais) et Carlos Aguirre (en français) sont de bons […]