Music has been a key to my personal growth since I was a teenager and, although I don’t play an instrument myself, I have been surrounded by musicians and music all my life. This section of the blog shares the contents of the discoveries, experiences and events in my personal musical box.

Growing up in the UK

I grew up in the UK, being extensively exposed to pop and rock music in the 1960s and 70s via records, radio, live concerts and to some extent television. These were exciting times and I am amazed at how much I still remember – with not a little help from online sources – and I hope these chronicles will be of interest to others.

Moving to live and work in France

When I left the UK in 1981 to live and work in France I carried all this to a new place mixing it with other musical styles – la chanson française, jazz, classical and world music. These new connections opened my ears to unusal and sometimes more demanding content. French musicolgists seemed to be all over the radio giving me a motivating way to expand my knowledge of the language, while giving me a better understanding of the sources of music I had simply heard about but never really explored.

Shaken up by Tango

Then in the early 1990s my musical world was shaken yet again when I discovered traditional tango, music and dance which had travelled all through the 20th century. For the first time in my life I learned to dance and discovered a whole new way of perceiving music. I also began to search deep into tango history, learning about and listening to legends thanks to the digital revolution which suddenly made a forgotten repertoire available on CD. In the 2000s I began working as a tango DJ, starting a webradio, organizing events and seeking out people I admired. Tango continues to be part of my daily musical soundscape.

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